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silt meaning in marathi

Silt Meaning In Marathi

Understanding the Meaning of Silt in Marathi

Silt is a term widely used in the field of soil science to describe a specific type of sediment. In Marathi, silt is referred to as “चिकट” (chikat). It is essential to understand its meaning in Marathi to better comprehend its characteristics and significance in various contexts.

What is Silt?

Silt is a fine-grained sediment consisting of particles intermediate in size between sand and clay. These particles are smaller than sand but larger than clay, measuring between 0.002 and 0.06 millimeters in diameter. Silt particles are typically smooth, slippery, and retain water more effectively than sand due to their larger surface area.

Properties and Importance

Silt is formed through the erosion and weathering of rocks and minerals. It is commonly found in riverbeds, floodplains, and coastal areas. Silt has several notable properties that make it significant in various aspects of life. Its smooth texture makes it ideal for use in construction, as it can easily be molded and compacted. Silt also plays a crucial role in farming, as it has excellent water retention capabilities, allowing plants to thrive even in dry regions. Moreover, silt is rich in nutrients, making it suitable for agriculture and gardening purposes.


In Marathi, silt is referred to as “चिकट” (chikat). Understanding the meaning of silt in Marathi helps us grasp its properties, uses, and significance in construction and agriculture. Being aware of silt’s characteristics can prove beneficial in various fields, ensuring the efficient utilization of this valuable sediment for various purposes.