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silly meaning in telugu

Silly Meaning In Telugu


Telugu is a beautiful language spoken by millions of people in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and literature. As with any language, Telugu also has its fair share of silly and amusing meanings for certain words or phrases. In this article, we will explore some such silly meanings in Telugu that might bring a smile to your face.

Silly Meanings in Telugu

1. “Arapu Cheruvu” – This phrase translates to “land of snakes” in English. However, in Telugu slang, it is often used to refer to a place or situation where there are a lot of scams or frauds happening. It is a playful way of adding a humorous twist to a serious topic.

2. “Dhoopadu Natte” – When someone says this in Telugu, they are literally saying “turn into a mosquito”. It is a playful and humorous way of telling someone to go away or annoy someone.

3. “Gundegilli” – This word translates to “stomach stone” in English. In Telugu slang, it is used to describe someone who is very stubborn or rigid in their opinions. It is a lighthearted way of teasing someone about their inflexibility.


Telugu is a language that is not only rich in culture but also has its fair share of amusing and silly meanings for certain words and phrases. These interpretations, though playful, add a touch of humor to everyday conversations. Whether it is the use of slang or the creation of unique phrases, Telugu manages to keep its speakers entertained. So the next time you come across these silly meanings, remember to have a good laugh and enjoy the beauty of the Telugu language.